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AeroTek Welding Co., Inc.
Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of Precision Components

Industries We Serve


Today’s U.S. submarines and naval ships comprise a significant portion of our business. We take great pride in ensuring that these vessels are mission-ready when deployed. From pipes and plumbing to couplings, valves, connectors, flanges and more, our precision and quality are unsurpassed. If you have a TIG welding application, and especially a challenging one, we’re your go-to solution provider.

Energy, Medical and Industrial

If you manufacture or repair ground-based gas turbine engines or require pipes and tubing, plumbing, valves and connectors for oil and gas applications, power production or industrial and high-end medical applications, you can count on AeroTek. Our decades of TIG welding experience and aerospace origins translate naturally to these projects and have made us a leading supplier to these aligned industries. You won't find a better supplier for your critical welding requirements.


AeroTek has been in business for more than 30 years and welding aerospace components remains our specialty – it's right there in our name. When you select AeroTek for your TIG welding needs, you’ll take advantage of industry-leading expertise and best practices that can only be developed after decades of experience. From the most advanced commercial and military aircraft today, to the rockets that are taking us to orbit and beyond, you’ll find us helping to ensure mission success.

Welcome to AeroTek Welding

AeroTek Welding is a Nadcap and NAVSEA Accredited, Pratt and Whitney LCS approved, premier TIG welding company for the aerospace, marine and power generation industries.

We are one of the leading USA providers of state-of-the art precision TIG welding of critical components. We also provide R&D and product testing for OEMs and Prime contractors as well as the Department of Defense.

Because TIG welding is who we are, we bring proven expertise and engineering excellence to every project. Whatever your component challenge, we’ll develop an innovative solution for welding virtually any metal including titanium, inconel, waspalloy, hastelloy, stellite, haynes, cobalt or aluminum. No matter the configuration or complexity of your project, you can count on fast throughput, on-time delivery and zero defects.